What Is The Average Cost Of Water Damage Restoration?

As per professional water damage experts, the average cost of water damage restoration falls between $1070 to $4095. Nonetheless, the cost of water damage restoration also deviates on the following basis:
- Size of The Flooded Area: This factor plays a vital role in determining the total cost of the services. The bigger the size of the affected area, the more will be the cost of the repair and restoration works.
- Type of Water: Clearwater from rain or pipe burst requires less effort to clean. Therefore, their clean-up costs around $3.90 per sq ft. Gray water that is discharged from clogged appliances cost $4.60 per sq ft for cleaning up. Blackwater that is associated with contaminated water from sewage costs the most for clean-up at $6.90 per sq ft.
- Extent of Water Damage: The more damage that your property has received influences the cost of restoration work directly. So more damage equals more costs.
- Extra Work: Any extra work increases the cost of water damage restoration services.

How Long Does It Take To Dry Out Water Damage?

The drying time for an average home takes 5-6 days, but can range up to several weeks depending on these factors:
- Weather: If the weather is favorable, the recovery time will reduce. But if it’s rain or snow outside, then the experts will need more time to recover your property.
- Damage Extent: If the property is heavily damaged, then it will take more time for the professional to clear-up the water and rebuild the structure.
- Water Type: There are three types of water: clean, gray, and black. Clear water takes the least time to clean-up while black takes most of the time to clean-up. That’s because dealing with contaminated water isn’t easy and causes hazardous problems if not disposed of correctly.

Can Water Damage Make You Sick?

Yes, it can. You can observe an increase in mold growth throughout your property in just 24-48 hours of flooding. Mold causes extreme allergic and respiratory problems, which may turn deadly. Some symptoms include coughing, sneezing, skin irritation, rashes, breathing issues, etc.